Sacred Passage Guidance & Healing with the Arts™

Five-Day Residential Immersion in beautiful Crescent Beach, Florida

August 10-16 -- CNEs available

Investment: $845.00 with food & lodging extra


Early bird discount: 10% off tuition, $760.50 if paid by July 10 Scholarships available


An extraordinary program for clinical professionals and non-medical caregivers seeking an end of life sacred healing practice model allowing them to:

  • Explore their relationship to death
  • Renew their purpose and power as healing agents
  • Increase healing presence and bring sanctity, beauty, and quality moments to patients and families during the transitions of dying

The program is right on the beach, providing a very special place where for five days, living together, being on the ocean, eating cooking meals together, exploring dreamwork, art, and special practices will all play a very special part in this extraordinary opportunity.


Accommodations range from twin beds in shared rooms to private master suites. Prices for lodging will vary based on type of room. Rooms are available on a first come first served basis.


All inclusive pricing before discounts/scholarships:

Master Suite - $1645

Private Room - $1585

Shared Room Queen - $1515

Shared Room Twin - $1465

Registration and Information: (Download the event flyer)


Tarron Estes – 303-619-7902 –

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