A very Special Visit by Master Artist Rassouli

...to our community in Gainesville

A lecture An Art Exhibit A Painting Retreat

Meet world renowned master of Fusionart, RASSOULI

October 24 - 26

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Listen to Rassouli at the University of Florida

Thursday Oct. 24th, 7:00 to 8:30pm

How we can let the Power of Love express and affect our lives as we release the energy and allow it to manifest our creativity.

Listen to Rassouli to find your own touchstones and unlock your creative wellspring.

HPNP Building Room G101
UF Center for Spirituality and Health

Special Art Exhibition

Friday, Oct. 25th, 7:00 to 10:00pm

A great opportunity to talk with Rassouli, see some of his timeless paintings with vibrant hues, joyful color blends and circular brushwork that he calls Fusionart.

Here is your chance to own one or more of his art works.

Downtown Artwalk
Hippodrome Theatre Art Gallery

Creativity Retreat with Rassouli

Saturday, Oct. 26th, 9:00am thru 5:00pm

This is a full-day workshop which will give you an opportunity to explore your creative ideas. You are encouraged to take risks: to explore the unpredictable rather than predicatable, and engage in painting-self-expression rather than picture making. Participation in group discussions about creativity augments Rassouli's individual guidance and encouragement. This is the place to let your soul express itself with no limits, no preconceived ideas. It's a place to be truly who you are.

Hippodrome Theater

Space for Creativity Retreat is limited. Register now at:

For more information, please contact Jody West at (352) 359-3756 or fusionartist.jody@gmail.com

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