New Class for Fall 2012: Introduction to Non-Western Psychology and Counseling

Class Title:   Introduction to Non-Western Psychology and Counseling
SDS 3938

Instructor:   Dr. Michael Murphy
         Clinical Associate Professor
         UF Counseling and Wellness Center

Class meetings:   Thursdays  12:50 – 3:50  (periods 6-8)
    Peabody 404 (CERC-Counseling and Emergency Resource Center)

Class size:   Limited to 12 students (graduate students and 4th year undergraduate Psychology students)

Description of class:  
     Most of the psychology and counseling classes that are offered in American universities focus on WESTERN psychology.   With the recent emphasis on multiculturalism in such curricula there has been an increased focus on looking at cultural issues as they affect psychological health and the counseling process.   Very few programs, however, include classes that focus on NON-WESTERN PSYCHOLOGY when it comes to theories of personality, psychological functioning or clinical interventions.    In this class we will explore the field of non-western psychology and counseling.   Students will be introduced to a variety of “approaches” to psychology and counseling that come from non-western traditions.    Topics that will be covered include:   Meditation, yoga, dreams, death and dying, the near-death experience, hypnosis, guided imagery, Jungian psychology and symbolism, parapsychology, shamanism, and Buddhist and Hindu psychology – to name a few.  

Please contact the instructor ( if you need further information.


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