Healing with the Heart

Robert Browning
Director of HeartMath Healthcare

Sheva Carr
Director of HeartMastery

Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013

UF Health Shands Cancer Hospital (South Tower)
The Shands Auxiliary Conference Center
1st Floor rooms 1204 & 1205

We will explore the healing power of the heart. Healing has many facets including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Wholeness healing is core to our evolution and living from our highest potential. HeartMath provides compelling research and effectively simple tools that help transform our daily stress into free energy, health and vitality, and this helps unlock our capacity to live more from our larger intelligence. This experiential journey will give simple steps to help open this door and step more into a world of heart based living.

Robert Browning has been a part of HeartMath since 1995, training, educating and building programs in corporations and health care organizations.  He co-developed HeartMathís health care program that transforms stress to reinstate authentic care and trained 1000ís of staff and leaders in the tools of the HeartMath system to bring physiological coherence to the human system.  Leading medical centers that have integrated this education into their systems are:  Duke, Kaiser, U.C.L.A., New York Presbyterian/Columbia, the Mayo Clinic, Cedars-Sinai and Stanford University.   Robert also orchestrates the strategic alliances with Caring Science, Relationship Based Care, the C.A.R.E. channel and Spirit of Women. His close work with Dr. Jean Watson connecting Caring Science with HeartMath has translated into multiple other programs and he serves on the Faculty of the Watson Caring Science Institute.  His background in Senior Care, Epilepsy Care, and Prison Recovery gave him a passion to care deeply about health and thriving. His study of disease in Indonesia unveiled deep understandings of the impact emotion has on illness which in turn helped fine tune his focus to transform stress by focusing on the power of the heart and itís connection to intuition, healing and overall fulfillment.

Sheva Carr is the architect and Director of HeartMathís HeartMastery Program, the CEO of Fyera! / Heart Ambassadors, and the founding Executive Director of the Fyera Foundation and Sunflower SunPower Kids. She is a Pathways to Peace Director and Delegate to the United Nations, and featured as a "love luminary" in Marci Schimoff's New York Times bestselling book "Love for No Reason." As a doctor of Oriental Medicine and HeartMath trainer, she has authored several books (most recently "Being the Source of Love").  Through her alliance with Creativity For Peace Sheva helps to bring young Israeli and Palestinian woman together in retreat settings, where they have become fast friends and global peace builders. Sheva speaks to people all over the world on how to access heart intelligence and inner peace, in order to receive the benefits of the heartís impact on consciousness, health, performance, creativity, and social change, to create cultures of personal and global peace.

About HeartMath: www.heartmath.com 
For nearly two decades, HeartMath has researched and refined a set of unique tools and proprietary technology designed to boost performance, health and productivity while dramatically reducing stress. HeartMathís scientifically validated methods have been proven to measurably and immediately re-train the stress response to a healthier and more satisfying, productive function. Numerous case studies substantiated the effectiveness of the program, showing quick, sustained improvements in stress, health, well-being, performance and vitality. HeartMath has developed an international reputation for the practicality and simplicity of its tools, the immediacy of its feedback technology, and the measurable results. HeartMathís clients include Mayo Clinic, Duke University Health System, Stanford Medical Center, UCSFís Center for the Health Professions, Sutter Health, Kaiser Permanente, Blue Cross Blue Shield, American College of Healthcare Executives, California Hospital Association, Britainís National Health Service, and dozens of hospital systems across the US.

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