Healing Words and Music: An Evening with David Wilcox

Thursday, October 4, 2012  7:00 pm

HPNP Auditorium (Directions)

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Singer/songwriter and storyteller David Wilcox has released seventeen albums of metaphor-laden music aimed at awakening the listeners’ sense of aliveness and connection. Unabashedly honest and insightful, Wilcox’s self-revelatory lyrics illuminate the path of personal and spiritual growth, as well as the wisdom to be found by following one’s own inner voice.

More than a mere musician, Wilcox is a modern-day minstrel or troubadour in the tradition of the ancient mystical poets. In fact, in 2005 Wilcox and his wife, Nance Pettit, released a CD entitled Out Beyond Ideas, benefiting the Songs for Peace Project, featuring musical renderings of sacred poetry by Rumi, Hafiz and others.

Wilcox’s latest endeavor is what he calls “musical medicine.” Following a series of gently probing questions aimed at tuning in to a participant’s energy and divining their emotional truths, Wilcox proceeds to perform a personalized, poetically therapeutic song that speaks to the person’s psyche in a powerful and profound way. His prescription poetry usually provokes smiles of recognition, if not flowing tears, that indicate the harmonic remedy has resonated with the recipient on a deep level. Omega Institute co-founder, Elizabeth Lesser, who co-facilitates workshops with Wilcox and Pettit annually, simply calls Wilcox a shaman.

Whether speaking or playing, what becomes evident after listening to Wilcox is that he doesn’t just believe in the healing power of music, he lives it.

"David occupies that sweet spot where music and poetry and spirituality all overlap, and where there are layers upon layers of meaning and hope, so that what's broken inside us gets healed a little bit."
– Brian McLaren

 Website: www.davidwilcox.com

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