John Graham-Pole

"What's known, what's real, what's good: Reflections on 40 Years of Science and Art in Medicine"
Monday, March 5, 2007 at 7:30pm
HPNP Auditorium (Directions)

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Poetry has been a way for me to humanize my relationships with those I serve. As a children's hospice director, the narrative arts have helped me bear witness to short lives well lived, through requiems that express feelings of grief, failure, or even celebration.

Stanley Kunitz calls poetry our mythology "the telling of the soul's passage through the valley of life." Communication shares root with community and communion, bestowing on it spiritual as much as emotional overtones. Theologian Matthew Fox in his book "Creativity" sees communion with the source of our being as the simple expression of creativity something key to our health.

I will reflect on forty years as a doctor, drawing primarily on stories and poems of clinical encounters to pose some questions about the science and art of post-modern medicine. I will contrast the objective model ("science") of medicine with the experiential, narrative model ("art"), and seek a middle ground of interdependence between the two.

John Graham-Pole is actively engaged in treatment of young patients who suffer from various forms of cancer. He supports the Society for the Arts in Healthcare and with Mary Rockwood Lane co-chaired its 2002 annual conference. He is a founder of the Center for the Arts in Healthcare Research and Education and is prominently featured in a video report on its work titled Color My World.

RETIREMENT RECEPTION FOR JOHN GRAHAM-POLE will be immediately after his public talk.
Date: Monday, March 5th
Time: (8:30-9:30pm)
Place: Following John's 7:30pm Public Talk in the HPNP Auditorium.
The reception will be in the cafeteria area on the 1st floor of the HPNP Building just below the stairs that take you up to the HPNP Auditorium.

All events are free and open to the public. You do NOT have to be a UF student to attend.


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