Louis A. Ritz

Ph. D., University of Florida
Associate Professor
Department of Neuroscience
College of Medicine and McKnight Brain Institute
University of Florida

Contact Information
Phone: (352) 392-4225
Web: http://www.mbi.ufl.edu/Dept/Faculty/Ritz.html

Lou Ritz is course director for Medical Neuroscience, taken by first year medical students, and for Functional Human Neuroanatomy, taken by a diverse group of graduate students. His research interests investigate new procedures and techniques that hold promise in helping to alleviate the devastating consequences of injury to the spinal cord. As part of a campus-wide, University of Florida Center for Spirituality and Health, he co-directs with Gene Thursby a class in spirituality and health to Honors undergraduate students. In addition, he has had a longtime interest in the role of the nervous system in meditation and in mystical experiences, and is developing a course in neurotheology.

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